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About Us

Founded in 1992, the transport company developed first on the domestic market segment extending internationally. The development of the transport company, the increasing number of clients and contracts led the owners to expand their services and to set up a forwarding company. "Kefren Expres" was established in 2011, with the aim of providing a variety of transportation services in a professional manner, provided promptly and continuously adapted to the customer requirements.

Our operational efficiency ensures high productivity, frequent departures, fast transits, control and safety on all transportation operations.

Kefren Expres has available vehicles which are operated on national and international territory. This fleet has in total approx. 300 vehicles; most of them are GPS monitored, sealable, ADR equipped. In addition to this fleet, you will find an experienced management team, whose aim is to serve the customers at the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

The IT project aim is to automate the entire work, in order to manage a large number of vehicles without increasing the number of employees. We also believe that this will revolutionize and will open new avenues in the field of express transport, being among the few who adopt these technological ways.